frequently asked questions (FAQs)

We require the length in a straight taught line, from the first bracket to the last bracket. Knots are not considered in this length.

If corners are to be considered, we require measurements from the first bracket to the corner, and from the corner to the end bracket.

If you need further help on getting your measurement as accurate as possible, or you require any more information on anything on our website,  please contact us directly for advice.

Category: Bannister Ropes

You don’t need to have a drape on your bannister rope, but please bear in mind that all rope has a tendency to expand and contract in length and girth.

If you would like a drape please add the following to your your overall length.

Slight drape – 5%

Large drape – 10%

Category: Bannister Ropes

Once bannister ropes are made, unfortunately, we can not add more handrail brackets to the rope.

Due to the way we make our bannister ropes the man rope knots or rope splices can not be undone once the rope is complete.

Category: Bannister Ropes

Most bannister ropes can be made to a maximum length of 220 metres / 721.78 Feet as this is the maximum length of a coil of rope.

Maximum Lengths

Natural Cotton – 220 Metres / 721.78 Feet

Natural Hemp- 220 Metres / 721.78 Feet

Natural Jute – 220 Metres / 721.78 Feet

Synthetic Polyhemp – 220 Metres / 721.78 Feet

Synthetic Polyspun – 25 Metres / 82.021 Feet

Synthetic Softline Multifilament – 220 Metres / 721.78 Feet

Category: Bannister Ropes